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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The modern concept of "being rich"

Money or more precisely possessions were gathered by specific people since the beginning of organized societies. Be it greed or some other malice, the basis of capitalism always existed.

The ideal society in my mind will get rid of this issue but we are -very- far away from that. The whole system, our education and upbringing nurtures the notion of "becoming rich".

But the saddest part is not that. What is really sad and weird currently is how people are rich. Let's picture for example a random very wealthy guy, a ship-owner.
Probably fat, sitting in front of his office all day long, chatting in phones or computers. How does he actually make all that money?

He owns ships. Or to be more precise he has some papers that say that he owns the ships. Because ,let's be honest, if a ship's captain decides he won't move, he will "have" one ship less. Note that the ship's captain gets about 1/100000 of the money the fat guy gets. Just because he has some papers that make him the owner of some ships.

The same applies with any kind of property. Some people have papers that say that they own thousands of acres of land. Other people "own" huge factories filled with poor people working them.

What really makes me sick about this situation though, is that these few people HAVE to remain RICH, not even just make a living, and due to this "need" they can fire other people that make barely enough to stay alive.

"I won't make 1 million euros this month, I have to fire 100 people"

And the weirdest part is that a big part of the population accepts that fact. They can see a "sense of logic" when companies fire people in order to keep their incomes high. "What do you expect them to do? Deny their riches?"

Well, fuck, yes? Why do all the other people live with that? Are they less important somehow?

I really can't manage to understand the point of this system and why it's not demolished to the ground yet. Ofcourse the "powerfull" people want it, it keeps them rich, but the MAJORITY of the WORLD shouldn't! Don't give them them get destroyed!

Let them "be rich" in their papers. We are the ones that do the ACTUAL work, they just have these papers.

Fat fucks.

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