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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

End of the suit era

Being in a funeral on Sunday made me think about suits and the whole culture covering them. Fortunately they seem to be a dying trend.

Watching fat, ugly, 50 year old men covering their real life appearance behind the darkness of their suits made me a bit sick.
Ever since I had a consciousness I've been wondering what was the point of this kind of clothing. It's not comfortable, not warm and it makes everybody look similar. What is the point of suits then?

Well it's pretty clear to me: Men with low self-esteem and/or a big idea of themselves wear suits to cover what they really are. Is it a coincidence after all that the biggest thugs and criminals of the world wear the best suits? Seems not.

The good part is that -hopefully and from what I understand- this crappy trend/custom is dying. People dress the way they feel or need and they don't cover their emotions and character under the fake shelter of some linen and wool.

Fuck, even watching some specific people that you know with their suits moving around like they're some kind of ambassadors when in reality they're scumbags that beat their wives and scream at their children makes me sick.

Burn the suits, wear clothes.

PS If I ever wear a TIE, I give permission to anyone reading this post to shoot me on sight.

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