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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The year 2011 is gone... but has it left anything to us?

I think it has, a lot. And one word can describe the whole year:
Everyone was altered during this year, in a way.

For starters locally, Greeks have altered into economists. All of them. Everyone is talking about debts, spreads, PRIs and crap like that.
The Greeks also became weirded-out agitated protesters. During this year they suddenly realized they were sold out from their own governments and started to react. Even in a weird, not-very-successful and peaceful way. They understood what the police really is - the guard-dog of the system and not the protectors of the people as they should - and faced the consequences.

The younger generation altered itself into something more reactive but still confused and the older generation altered into a sadder, self-aware and guilty existence. They know they fucked up and they don't like it.

The whole world altered itself into a debt-full place. Everybody owes to somebody. There's no country without a debt of some kind. Who do they owe to? No-one really knows. We believe we know where the direct debts go to, but how come EVERYONE has one...?

On a personal viewpoint, I can say that 2011 was deeply alternating for myself as well. I made new strong friendships, met people that became important for me - even if I won't get to keep all of them as close as I'd prefer - and in general I changed the way I live, the way I see a lot of things and I feel abler to express myself. I kind of like the altered "me". With the new flaws and all.

The new year, 2012, doesn't seem very promising. On the contrary it looks pretty dim. But there is hope and it lies within the alternation of 2011. People have grew through the mishaps and occurences of the last year into something different and PERHAPS that new and different mindset can create better results. Unfortunately, as always, only time will tell.

Usually he doesn't say much..

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