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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The reason behind oblivion

This period of time the events that are taking part in Greece are making me have a really heavy, bad feeling in between my lungs.

Whenever my mind drops into this subject, darkness covers my soul.
Therefore I think I can make an assumption: Participation, awareness and solidarity are really hard to perform. They take a lot of your mental health and calmness away.
I believe that this is the reason why so many people are oblivious to these thoughts.
It's easier if you just don't give a fuck, right?

It's easier to hit the weak, to be rich from the poor, to simply not care.
You just care about your big fat ass and everything's ok. 

But you know, there will be a point in your life, when it is nearly over, that you'll think back. About what you did.
At least then I know that I will be happier than the "other side". Maybe I'll suffer a bit more until that point but I'll earn my happiness then.

And it will be good.

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