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Friday, December 9, 2011

Infinite possibilites

Life is always about possibilities. Infinite possibilities.
There are constantly moments that split up into possibilities and we always have to choose a path in them. A simple yes on a seemingly not important question can lead to another branch of possibilities that you've never imagined.

Does that mean that we should consider with care what we choose, all the time?
In my opinion no. Because -to put it simply- most of the time future options are not clear and only appear after you've taken a specific path of decisions thus making you unable to predict which is the best option at the time being.

Obviously some choices are clearer as in what they'll produce as an outcome and when taking them,yes you'd need some serious thinking. But this is rare.

So most of the time my goal is to just take the decisions that will prove to be best for me and the people around me, making all of us feel a bit better and have a bit more fun.

Should I consider my personal interests more? Take less into notice the well-being of others?

Some times I feel I should. It's not good to try and make everyone around you feel good, especially the ones you care about, while they don't necessarily do that. It's not fair.

But it is what makes me feel good with myself.

And since I've got plenty of issues with myself, anything that makes me feel good with him (or is it me?) is -generally speaking- a good idea. A damn good idea.

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