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Monday, October 17, 2011

10 more minutes mom!

Today is the first day of this winter that the temperature outside the duvet I was sleeping in was so lower than the temperature inside that it made it very hard for me to get up. I reached my hand outside and felt the cold running through it..suddenly an old, weird but also interesting feeling emerged inside me; I felt like a child again, a child that didn't want to get up and go to school.

Apparently this situation brings up childhood memories and even if its not the most enjoyable of all situations it made me happy. Happy because I got this childish feeling of security inside a duvet(blanket, whatever) - I don't get many childish feelings anymore so I enjoy the ones I do.

There is a problem however. As a child I'd slowly mutter "10 more minutes mom", but now I didn't have anyone to mutter that to. I just thought about it and convinced myself. Ok dude, you can get your 10 minutes but that's IT!
Apparently my mom was right during my childhood to not let me get these minutes, as from 10 they turned up to be more like 25 and my arrival to work was postponed more or less 40 minutes.. Well I'm not exactly sad about that, but not proud either.

After all, less minutes in work equals less money which equals less dates. But do I need more dates or more childish feelings? Probably the second answer is the right one, since I've already eaten a lot of dates in my life but I stopped having these feelings regularly for quite some time.

Conclusion: Welcome cold, bringer of childhood memories!

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